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Current Affairs Quiz: 20 September 2017

Published on September 20, 2017
1. Ulihatu Village is the birthplace of which of the following freedom fighter and tribal icon?
a. Tali Ao
b. Birsa Munda
c. Zapu Phizo
d. Bipin Singha

2. Shaheed Gram Vikas Yojana is launched by which of the following Indian states?
a. Jharkhand
b. Odisha
c. Chattisgarh
d. Madhya Pradesh

3. Which of the following clause was proposed by Law Ministry in the Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill 2017?
a. Disinvestment Clause
b. Investment Clause
c. Expenditure Clause
d. Saving Clause

4. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' Nansen Refugee award 2017 was given to
a. Paul Cullen
b. Zannah Mustaph
c. Mustafa Abdülcemil Qırımoğlu
d. Akio Kanai

5. The term Boko Haram generally means
a. Western Education is Forbidden
b. Intercaste Marriage is Forbidden
c. State Laws are Forbidden
d. None of these

6. Who among the following has sworn in as Peru's Prime Minister?
a. Taylor Aroaz
b. Yessica Mercedes
c. Mercedes Araoz
d. Estrella Merlyn

7. Bandhan Tod mobile app launched by Gender Alliance Bihar try to create awareness against
a. Human Trafficking
b. Child Marriage
c. Female Foeticide
d. Domestic Violence

8. Which of the following country has released postage stamps on Bengal's yoga legend  Bishnu Charan Ghosh and his family?
a. Germany
b. USA
c. Russia
d. Japan

9. What is India's rank in Sustainable Development Goals Index 2017?
a. 109
b. 128
c. 133
d. 164

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