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Current Affairs

Current Affairs Quiz: 14 October 2017

1.  International Puppet Festival 2017 will be hosted in which of the following cities?
a. Kolkata
b. Pune
c. Ahmedabad
d. Jaipur

2. Which of the following cities were ranked in The Economist's Safe City Index 2017?
a. Delhi Bengaluru
b. Delhi Mumbai
c. Bengaluru Mumbai
d. None of these

3. Which of the following companies has become First Indian OMC to Launch Lubricants in Myanmar?
a. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd
b. Indian Oil Corp
c. Bharat Petroleum
d. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd

4. Mathrubhumi Literary Award is given is conferred as a recognition of a writer's overall contribution to the 
a. Odia Literature
b. Malayalam literature
c. Kannada Literature
d. Hindi Literature

5. Sampoorna Bima Gram Yojna is launched by which of the following departments?
a. Department of Science and Technology
b. Department of Women and Child Development
c.  Department of Agricultural Research and Education
d.  Department of Post


  1. a. Kolkata
  2. b. Delhi Mumbai
  3. a. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd
  4. b. Malayalam literature
  5. d.  Department of Post 

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