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Current Affairs Quiz: 23 September 2017

1. Which of the following private sector bank is not allowed to accept deposits under various small savings schemes by Government of India?
a. HDFC Bank
b. ICICI Bank
c. Axis Bank
d. Yes Bank

2. The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) has launched an offline facility to allow taxpayers to finalise their
a. GSTR-3A forms
b. GSTR-3B forms
c. GSTR-2B forms
d. GSTR-2A forms

3. Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) comes under_________of New Companies Act.
a.  Section 10
b.  Section 8
c.  Section 5
d.  Section 7

4. Which team was defeated by Indian Hockey team to win Asia Cup Title 2017?
a. Malaysia
b. Pakistan
c. Sri Lanka
d. Bangladesh

5. Which of the following  Offshore Patrol Vessel was gifted to Sri Lanka from India?
a. Saurajya
b. Saubhagya
c. Sumitra
d. Suraksha

6. South Asia's first 'roll-on-roll-off' (ro-ro) ferry service is inaugurated between 
a.  Ghogha-Dahej
b. Dwarka-Anand
c. Vapi-Khambat
d Kalol-Satpura


  1. d. Yes Bank
  2. b. GSTR-3B forms
  3. b.  Section 8
  4. a. Malaysia
  5. d. Suraksha
  6. a.  Ghogha-Dahej
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