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Current Affairs Quiz: 4 October 2017

1. Who is the head of the five-member Commission to examine subcategorization of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) under Article 340 of the Constitution?
a. K Rohini
b. G Rohini
c. R Rohini
d. P Rohini

2.  3rd National Wildlife Action Plan (NWAP) of India is for the years
a. 2017-2031
b. 2017-2035
c. 2017-2037
d. 2017-2029

3. Which of the following states is not covered under the SECURE Himalaya Project launched by Government of India?
a. Himachal Pradesh
b. Arunachal Pradesh
c. Jammu and Kashmir
d. Sikkim

4. Mathru Poorna Scheme Launched in Karnataka is related to
a. physically disabled women
b. single mothers
c. pregnant women
d. None of the above

5. Who sculpted the Mahatma Gandhi statue which is the first statue of Mahatma at Rajghat?
a. Kedar Khunthi
b. Jayanti Bhai
c. Prem Nath
d. Ram Sutar

6. Who among the following is not one of the three awardees of Nobel Prize for Physiology 2017?
a. Robert Vettel
b. Michael W. Young
c. Michael Rosbash
d. Jeffrey C. Hall

7. Name the woman who was appointed by Saudi Arabia as the  "First Woman to Senior Government Post"?
a. Jamila Al-Ghamdi
b. Eman Al-Ghamdi
c. Hadil Al-Ghamdi
d. Ihab Al-Ghamdi

8. Which state has brought into force the  'No Helmet, No Petrol’ rule to prevent deaths in road accidents?
a. Karnataka
b. Kerala
c. Telangana
d. Andhra Pradesh

9. India has opened two immigration check posts along the borders with
a. Myanmar and Nepal
b. Myanmar and Bangladesh
c. Nepal and Bangladesh
d. Bangladesh and Bhutan


  1. b. G Rohini
  2. a. 2017-2031
  3. b. Arunachal Pradesh
  4. c. pregnant women
  5. d. Ram Sutar 
  6. a. Robert Vettel
  7. b. Eman Al-Ghamdi
  8. d. Andhra Pradesh
  9. b. Myanmar and Bangladesh
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