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Current Affairs Quiz: 9 October 2017

Published on October 09, 2017
1. Which of the following bank is not under RBI's Prompt Corrective Action?
a. IBDI Bank
b. UCO Bank
c. Oriental Bank of Commerce
d. None of these

2. "" is a web portal dedicated to
a. women athletes
b. para-athletes
c. soldiers
d. none of these

3. Tata AIA Life' insurance's chatbot for providing its services on social media platforms is
a. Way2Connect
b. e-Connect
c. Eazy Connect
d. Life Connect

4. In which year Chhattisgarh was partitioned from Madhya Pradesh?
a. 2000
b. 2001
c. 1999
d. 1998

5. GST on unbranded ayurvedic medicines to reduced from
a. 18% to 28%
b. 12% to 18%
c. 12% to 5%
d. No changes


  1. d. None of these
  2. b. para-athletes
  3. c. Eazy Connect
  4. a. 2000
  5. c. 12% to 5%

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