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Current Affairs Quiz: 6 October 2017

Published on November 06, 2017
1. FASTag pilot project was launched on which of the following routes as a pilot project?
a. Delhi and Mumbai
b. Ahmedabad and Mumbai
c. Delhi and Ahmedabad
d. Mumbai Goa

2. What is India's overall ranking in World Economic Forum’s (WEF)'s Global Gender Gap Index 2017?
a. 108
b. 100
c. 121
d. 119

3. How many digits does a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code have?
a. 18
b. 15
c. 10
d. 20

4. “PRABAL DOSTYK – 2017" is a joint military exercise of India and
a. Kazakhstan
b. Kyrgyzstan
c. Tajikistan
d. Uzbekistan

5. Blue Flag 2017 military exercise was held in
a. Israel
b. India
c. Russia
d. America


  1. b. Ahmedabad and Mumbai
  2. a. 108
  3. d. 20
  4. a. Kazakhstan
  5. a. Israel

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