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Current Affairs Quiz: 7 November 2017

Published on November 07, 2017
1. What will be the height of world's largest bridge which is being constructed on Chenab river in Jammu and Kashmir?
354 metres
359 metres
376 metres
349 metres

2. Sampriti-7 is the 7th edition of the joint military exercise between
India Bhutan
India Nepal
India Sri Lanka
India Bangladesh

3. Who among the following has been conferred with the prestigious Vishnudas Bhave award 2017?
Jayant Sawarkar
Mohan Joshi
Girish Karnad
Salman Rushdie

4. Vishnudas Bhave award is conferred for the contribution in
Art and Painting

5. Banaganapalle mangoes which have been given GI indication belongs to
Andhra Pradesh

6. AI boy Mirai has become the first bot to be given the official residence. Which district of Japan offered him the special residence certificate?

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