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Current Affairs

Current Affairs Quiz: 19 December 2017

1. BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2017 was given to
a. Mo Farah
b. Lionel Messi
c. Rodger Federer
d. None of the above

2. BBC Team of the Year 2017 award was given to which of the following countries' women cricket team?
a. Australia
b. India
c. England
d. New Zealand

3. Who among the following was conferred with the First Smita Patil Memorial Award in 2017?
a. Hema Malini
b. Rekha
c. Jaya Bachchan
d. Madhuri Dixit Nene

4. The reason to implement e-way bill is to track the movement of goods above _________ within the state, and from one state to another
a. Rs. 30,000
b. Rs. 10,000
c. Rs. 25,000
d. Rs 50,000

5. Losar Festival is celebrated to mark the new year in
a. Jammu and Kashmir
b. Ladakh
c. Himachal Pradesh
d. Karnataka


  1. a. Mo Farah 
  2. c. England
  3. b. Rekha
  4. d. Rs 50,000
  5. b. Ladakh
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