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Current Affairs Quiz: 5 December 2017

Published on December 05, 2017
1. Which of the following film won the best film (critics) award at the 23rd edition of the Star Screen Awards 2017?
a. Newton
b. Dangal
c. Tumhari Sulu
d. Shubh Mangal Savdhaan

2. Which of the following is the 23rd district added in  National Capital Region?
a. Ghaziabad
b. Bulandshahr
c. Shamli
d. Meerut

3. How many districts of Rajasthan are included in National Capital Region?
a. 4
b. 3
c. 1
d. 2

4. Kapu Reservation Bill has been passed by which of the following state assemblies?
a. Odisha
b. Andhra Pradesh
c. Karnataka
d. Telangana

5. Vigilant Ace' is the largest-ever joint air exercise of
a. US and China
b. US and Russia
c. US and South Korea
d. US and Canada

6. Petro is the cryptocurrency launched by 
a. United Arab Emirate
b. Russia
c. Iran
d. Venezuela

7. Who has been recently appointed as the Global Goodwill Ambassador for UN Environment?
a. Beyonce
b. Adele
c.  Ellie Goulding
d. Katy Perry

8. India's Biggest Floating Solar Power Plant is located at which of the following dams?
a. Banasura Sagar dam
b. Srisailam Dam
c. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
d. Bhavanisagar Dam


  1. a. Newton
  2. c. Shamli 
  3. d. 2
  4. b. Andhra Pradesh
  5. c. US and South Korea
  6. d. Venezuela
  7. c.  Ellie Goulding
  8. a. Banasura Sagar Dam
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