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Current Affairs

Current Affairs Quiz: 8 October 2017

1. International Children's Peace Prize 2017 was conferred to
a. Mohamad Al Jaiyaz
b. Muhamand Al Joune
c. Mohamad Al Junaid
d. Mohamad Al Jounde

2. Who is the head of the committee formed by National Commission for Minorities for giving minorities status to Hindus in seven states?
a.  George Alex
b. George Kurien
c. George Kobe
d. George Alein

3. What is the current Bank Rate?
a. 6%
b. 6.75%
c.  6.25%
d.  5.75%

4. Which of the following Indian thing/festival/art is not included in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List?
a. Kumbh Mela
b. Sankirtana
c. Ramlila
d. Bhangra

5. What was the name of the moment started by The Silence Breakers’ who were named Time’s Person of the Year for 2017?
a. #Me&You
b. #Metoo
c. #MetoYou
d. #WithYou


  1. d. Mohamad Al Jounde
  2. b. George Kurien
  3. c.  6.25%
  4. d. Bhangra
  5. b. #Metoo
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