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Current Affairs Quiz: 9 December 2017

1. Who has become the first Indian to win gold at World Para-Swimming Championship 2017?
a. Kalaiarasi Venktesh
b. Ilakkiyan Dawe
c. Kanchanmala Pande
d. Tilakavati Reddy

2. World Para-Swimming Championship 2017 is held in
a. China
b. Mexico
d. Jamaica

3. According to the TripAdvisor's survey, what is Taj Mahal's rank in Best UNESCO World Heritage Site list?
a. 2nd
b. 3rd
c. 4th
d. 1st

4. Who won Ballon d'Or 2017?
a. Luis Suárez
b. Neymar
c. Lionel Messi
d. Christiano Ronaldo

5. Which movie has won the  Best Asian Film at the seventh Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards 2017?
a. Newton
b. Dangal
c. Lipstick Under My Burkha
d. Neerja

6. Who is the head of the panel formed to tackle Non-Performing Assets in Power Sector?
a. Radha Mohan Singh
b. Rajiv Kumar
c. Amitabh Kant
d. None of these


  1. c. Kanchanmala Pande
  2. b. Mexico
  3. a. 2nd
  4. d. Christiano Ronaldo
  5. b. Dangal
  6. c. Amitabh Kant 
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