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Syrian Boy Wins ‘Children’s Peace Prize’

Published on December 07, 2017
A 16-year old boy from Syria has been awarded the International Children's Peace Prize.

Mohamad Al Jounde who is a refugee of Syrian Civil war is living in a refugee camp pf Lebenan.
Despite of all the hardship a person faces in a refugee camp, this teenager took an effort to provide education to 200 refugee kids.
Malala Yousafzai who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 honoured Al Jounde with the  International Children's Peace Prize.
In the words of Jounde
"School is not only a place where you can learn how to write and read, it is also a place where you can make friends and memories, learn about new people and teach other people about yourself. School is a place where you can become who you are, where you can express yourself freely and discuss your ideas with your peers and teachers"

Currently there are 28 million refugee children who do not have access to education and the Syrian Civil war made 2.5 million kids refuge. Though Jounde is teaching just a number of 200 children but he is an inspiration for many teenagers who can make life better for the refugee kids. Education can be a source to end wars and Jounde has set an example that we should not sit back or mourn over the hardships. 
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