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Current Affairs Quiz: 3 January 2018

Published on January 03, 2018
1. Who is the Director-General of UNESCO?
a. Ayoub Azoulay
b. Augustin Azoulay
c. Adam Azoulay
d. Audrey Azoulay

Current Affairs Quiz: 3 January 2017
2. Which country has withdrawn from the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) along with the United States?
a. Egypt
b. Israel
c. Slovakia
d. Iran

3. Which of the two Gulf countries become the first to introduce VAT?
a. Oman and Qatar
b. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
c. Qatar and Saudi Arabia
d. United Arab Emirates and Oman

4. Whistled language is also known as
a. The cuckoo language
b. The bird language
c. The sound language
d. None

5. The whistled language which is a part of UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage is spoken in a village of
a. Belgium
b. Uruguay
c. Turkey
d. Azerbaijan


  1. d. Audrey Azoulay
  2. b. Israel
  3. b. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates 
  4. b. The bird language
  5. c. Turkey

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