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ASH Track Mobile App launched for Managing Fly Ash

Published on February 14, 2018
A Web based monitoring System and a Fly Ash mobile application named ASH TRACK was launched by the Union Minister of State (IC) for Power and New & Renewable Energy, Shri R.K Singh.

ASH Track Mobile App launched for managing fly ash
  • The application was launched with an objective to enable better management of the ash produced by thermal power plants by providing an interface between fly ash producers (Thermal Power Plants) and potential ash users such as – road contractors, cement plants etc.
  • While addressing the crowd, R. K Singh mentioned that proper management of fly ash is important for not only the environment but for us also as the ash produced by the power plants occupies a lot of land space.
  • He explained that at present, 63 per cent of the fly ash is being utilized and target is for 100 per cent utilization of the fly ash.
  • Therefore he emphasized the need for education and awareness generation.
  • He further said that that road contractors and construction engineers need to know the benefits of using fly ash in construction.
  • He asked the officials to work out the per kilometer construction costs of roads using fly ash, and said if it is found to be expensive, then measures need to be taken to reduce the cost by way of tax structure, subsidies and transportation services. 
  • The minister stated that that in spite of increasing use of renewable energy, coal will remain the mainstay of Power sector in India. In fact the consumption of coal is going to increase as our economy grows.

Features of the App

  • Users can download the Ash Track mobile app from Google Play Store for Android OS and from App Store for Apple IOS. 
  • The ASH TRACK App would be managing 200 million tones of fly ash by tracking coal based power plants situated within 100 km and 300 km from given location and availability of fly ash, along with prospective users within the same radius. 
  • The App gives plant-wise, utility-wise and State-wise ash utilization status in the country.
  • This would allow effective monitoring and reviewing for increasing ash utilization.
  • It will allow user to select power station from where he wants to take fly ash. It will also show ash availability, distance from user’s location.
  • It will help power plants to see location of prospective fly ash users surrounding it like – cement plants, NHAI, contractors of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) projects, brick producers, etc.
  • It will help in protecting environment in terms of reduction in fugitive emissions, saving of precious top soil and conservation of land for sustainable development.

Fly Ash

  • Fly ash is end product of combustion during process of power generation in the coal based thermal power plants. 
  • Fly ash is a resource material for many applications of construction industries and is used in manufacturing of Portland Cement road embankment construction, bricks/blocks/tiles manufacturing and low lying area development, etc.
  • Many approaches must be adopted for fly ash management in India.
  • Thus promoting R&D for increasing efficiency of power plants will also help in reducing ash generation.
  • Proper management of fly ash is important for environment and also for power plants as it occupies a lot of land space. At present, 63% of the fly ash is being utilized.
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