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Current Affairs Quiz: 26 February 2018

Published on February 26, 2018
1. In which of the following towns of India TAPI gas pipeline will reach at the end after running Pakistan's Quetta and Multan?
a. Attari
b. Fazilka
c. Longewala
d. Other than the above

2. Tapi Gas pipeline is supported by
a. United States and Asian Development Bank
b. United States and World Bank
c. World Bank and International Monetary Fund
d. Other than the above

3. TAPI Gas pipeline will go through which of the following seas?
a. Caribbean Sea
b. Arabian Sea
c. Caspian Sea
d. Red Sea

4. The natural gas from the ________ in Turkmenistan will be transported through Afghanistan to India and Pakistan.
a. Dauletabad Gas Field
b. Groningen Gas Field
c. Urengoy Gas Field
d. Galkynysh Gas Field

5. On which of the following products has India imposed an anti-dumping duty for a period of not exceeding six months?
a. fabric
b. flax
c. ceramicware and kitchenware
d. vitamin C

6. In which of the following cities will the centre of Ombudsman for Non-banking finance companies not be located?
a. Chennai
b. Kolkata
c. Mumbai
d. Hyderabad

7. What is the deadline for the banks to link their Core Banking Solutions to SWIFT Code?
a. 1st April 2018
b. 30 April 2018
c. 31 March 2018
d. 30 May 2018

8. What does S stand for in SWIFT Code?
a. Society
b. Security
c. Scrutiny
d. Sectional


  1. b. Fazilka
  2. a. United States and Asian Development Bank
  3. c. Caspian Sea
  4. d. Galkynysh Gas Field
  5. c. ceramicware and kitchenware
  6. d. Hyderabad
  7. b. 30 April 2018
  8. a. Society

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