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Current Affairs Quiz: 7 February 2018

1. Which state has launched DASTAK Campaign in association with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Karantaka
c. Odisha
d. Madhya Pradesh

2. ‘DASTAK’ is a door to door campaign to eradicate deadly Acute Encephalitis (AE) Syndrome and
a.  Christian Ingerslev Baastrup
b. Hashimoto's thyroiditis
c. Japanese Encephalitis
d.Apert syndrome

3. Which state will be the first state to have Transgender Welfare Board?
a. Haryana
b. Punjab
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Maharashtra

4. “A century is not Enough" is the autobiography of
a. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
b. Rahul Dravid
c. Sourav Ganguly
d. Kapil Dev

5. What is the current LAF (Liquidity Adjustment Facility) rate?
a. 5.75%
b. 5.25%
c. 6.75%
d. 4.75%


  1. a. Uttar Pradesh
  2. c. Japanese Encephalitis
  3. d. Maharashtra
  4. c. Sourav Ganguly
  5. a. 5.75%
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