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End of TB Summit Held in New Delhi

Published on March 15, 2018
On the inaugural ceremony of "End of TB Summit 2018" at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi,  Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi launched a campaign to end tuberculosis from India by 2025.

End of TB Summit Held in New Delhi

What is the campaign?

  • TB Free India campaign launched during the summit held in New Delhi. This campaign aims at taking up various activities under the National Strategic Plan for TB Elimination forward in the mission mode to end up the disease by 2025. The target to end the TB was set up by 2030 but honourable Prime Minister with great self-confidence declare to root it out five years earlier than planned. 
  • National Strategic Plan is backed by a historic funding of over 12,000 crore rupees for the next three years it also ensures the access to quality diagnosis, treatment, and support for every TB patient. 
  • This plan adopts a multi-pronged approach and aims  to 'Detect' all TB patients, 'Treat' all patient irrespective of where they seek care, 'Prevent' emergence of TB in susceptible population groups and 'Build' empowered institutions and human resources to streamline implementation.

End of TB Summit

End of TB Summit was co-hosted by Union Health Ministry, World Health Organisation (WHO) South East Asia Regional Office and Stop TB Partnership. It set stage for September 2018 United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB, where for first time, TB will be discussed in UN General Assembly (UNGA) at Heads of State level.

About TB:

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis generally affecting the lungs and sometime the other parts of the body.
There were an estimated 28 lakh new cases of TB in 2016, with over 4 lakh people succumbing to the disease, including those with TB and HIV. Under the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP), the government has also proposed an incentive of Rs.500 per patient per month for the nutritional support of TB-affected patients during the course of the treatment. Mission Indradhanush has been a successful strategy to help India in combating TB.

Expected Questions
1. End TB summit was held in;
a. India
b. Ukrain
c. Denmark
d. Austria

2. What is the target set by India for elimination of TB?
 a. 2020
c. 2025
d. 2030

What is the target set up to End Tuberculosis in Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations?
a. 2030
b. 2025
c. 2032
d. 2019

TB Free India campaign  aims at taking up various activities under the ______________ for eradicating TB.
a. National Health Policy
b. Mision Indrashanush
c. Planning Commission of India
d.  National Strategic Plan 

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