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India-Seychelles Exercise Lamitye 2018

The eigth edition of joint military exercise between India and Seychelles, Lamitye 2018 conclude at Mahe island.

Conducted biannually since 2001, Exercise Lamitye has been held between Indian Army and Seychelles People's Defence Force. The word "Lamitye" refers to friendship in Creole which is the official language of Seychelles.

India-Seychelles Exercise Lamitye 2018


The general aim of this military exercise is to enhance military co-operation and interoperability between the two nations but the 2018 edition of the exercise also focuses on the on fighting insurgency and piracy threats.


In the nine-day long exercise, the Seychelles People’s Defence Force was be represented by a total of 52 personnel from their Special Forces Unit, Coast Guard and the Air Force, whereas India was represented by an Infantry Platoon from the Southern Command.  The two armies jointly practised for counter-insurgency and counter-terror operations in a semi-urban environment under the United Nations charter.


The Indian contingent shared expertise on techniques of House Clearing, Mobile Vehicle Check Post (MVCP) & Small Team Concept in Counter Terrorist environment (CT) to enhance effectiveness.
The use of modern equipment for surveillance and tracking, specialist weapons for close quarter battle with terrorists, use and detection of improvised explosive devices as well as the latest communication equipment was fielded during the exercise.

Expected Questions

1. Lamitye is a joint military between Indian and
a. Senegal
b. Schweiz
c. Seychelles
d. Scotland
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