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World Happiness Index 2018: India ranks 133

Published on March 16, 2018
India ranked 133 out of 156 countries in the "World Happiness Index 2018 surveyed by the UN. The country slipped 11 places and it at the bottom of all the SAARC nations and even Afghanistan is above India in the ranking.

The less-developed nations like Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan are ahead of in the index. Evidently, India is growing in quantitative terms but when it comes to quality the country lags behind.
World Happiness Index 2018: India ranks 133

India's Report

The report suggests that people aren't happy in India and there is a consistent urge of migrating to other nations. The 2018 WHR observed Indians were increasingly migrating to other countries. There were big flows from the Indian sub-continent to the Gulf States. 

Parameters of Happiness Index

  • GDP
  • Social Support
  • Generosity
  • Perception of Corruption
  • Life Expectancy
  • Dystopia
  • Freedom to Make Life Choices

Top 10 Nations

The index states that Finland is the happiest nation in the world followed by Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland. Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia come at the 6th to 10th place respectively. Talking about SAARC Nations, Pakistan is at 75th position, up five spots from last year. Nepal stood at 101, Bhutan at 97, Bangladesh at 115 while Sri Lanka was at 116.

Bottom Five

  1. Burundi
  2. Central African Republic
  3. South Sudan
  4. Tanzania
  5. Yemen. 

World Happiness Report

The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness. The World Happiness Report 2018, ranks 156 countries by their happiness levels, and 117 countries by the happiness of their immigrants.

Expected Questions

What is India's rank in World Happiness Index 2018?
a. 147 
b. 121
c. 133
d. 156

Which country topped the World Happiness Index 2018?
a. Canada
b. Finland
c. Netherlands
d. Switzerland
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