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Current Affairs Quiz: 17 April 2018

Published on April 17, 2018
1. International Day for Monuments and Sites (IDMS) is observed on
a. 18th April
b. 19th April
c. 30th April
d. 20th April
e. 19th April

2. Theme of  International Day for Monuments and Sites (IDMS) 2018 is
a.Heritage and Culture
b. Heritage for Generations
c.Heritage for Future
d.Heritage for Sustainability
e. Heritage and Rejuvenation

3. Which of the following statements is/are true for Mission Buniyaad launched in Delhi?
(i) it is for the students of class IX and X
(ii) It is a six-month-long campaign.
(iii) children will undergo a reading and writing level assessments

a. All are true
b None is true
c. (i) and (ii) are true
d. Only (iii) is true
e.  Only (ii) is true.

4. Who among the following was chose to be conferred with the prestigious Raj Kapoor Lifetime Achievement Award at the  55th Maharashtra State Marathi Film Festival 2018?
a. Rekha
b. Hema Malini
c. Dharmendra
d. Amitabh Bachchan
e. Other than the above

5. The Indian Air Force conducts its biggest war exercise in April 2018 at Hindon airbase. Name the exercise.
a. Gagan Shakti
b. Garud Shakti
c. Akash Shakti
d.Nabh Abhiyas
e. Anant Shakti

6. The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018 was held in
a. Yokshire
b. Melbourn
c. London
d. Brisbane
e. New York

7. According to the TRA Brand Trust Report 2018, which of the following is the most trust private sector bank in India?
a. IDFC Bank
b. DCB Bank
c. IndusInd Bank
d. HDFC Bank
e. ICICI Bank

8. In DARPAN, R stands for
a. Regional
b. Rural
c. Reconstituted
d. Reconstructive
e Restorative

Match Column A with B to make the correct combination of Pulitzer Prize winners 2018.
(i) Fiction
(a) The New York Times & The New Yorker
(ii) Drama
(b) Cost of Living by Martyna Majok
(iii) History
(c) Less by Andrew Sean Greer
(iv)Public Service
(d) the Gulf: The Making of an American Sea by Jack E Davis

a. (i)-c (ii)-  b (iii)- d (iv) a
b. (i)-b (ii)-  d (iii)- c (iv) a
c. (i)-a (ii)-  c (iii)- d (iv)b
d. (i)-a (ii)-  d (iii)- b (iv) c
e. (i)-d (ii)-  c (iii)- b (iv) a


  1. a. 18th April
  2. b. Heritage for Generations
  3. b None is true
  4. c. Dharmendra
  5. a. Gagan Shakti
  6. c. London
  7. E. ICICI Bank
  8. b. Rural
  9. (i)-c (ii)-  b (iii)- d (iv) a

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