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Current Affairs Quiz: 29 April 2018

Published on April 29, 2018
1. Which of the following country is the global host of UN World Environment Day 2018?
A. India
B. China
C. Russia
D. France
E. United Kingdom

2. What is the theme of UN World Environment Day 2018?
A. Switch to Sustain
B. Save the beaches
C. Protect Ozone Layer
D. Beat Plastic Pollution
E. Other than the above

3. Which of the following two Indian states already have Plastic Free Protected Zones?
A. Bengal and Odisha
B. Odisha and Madhya Pradesh
C.Bengal and Assam
D.Madhya Pradesh and Assam
E. Assam and Mizoram

4. Who has become the longest serving Chief Minister of India?
A.N. Chandrababu Naidu
B.Jyoti Basu
C.Pawan Chamling
D.Sarbananda Sonowal
E. Pema Khandu

5. Pawan Chamling, the longest serving Chief Minister in India has been serving Sikkim since
B. 1992
C. 1993
D. 1995
E. 1994

6. The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 15.3 states to combat desertification of land till
A. 2032
B. 2022
C. 2025
D. 2030
E. 2021

7. In UNCCD, CC stands respective for
Convention and Combat
B.Combat and Convention
C.Combat and Commission
D.Commission and Convention
E. None of the above

8. Who among the following has been chosen for the Saraswati Samman for 2017?
A.Varsha Adalja
B.Raghuveer Chaudhary
C.Sitanshu Yashaschandras
D.Vinod Bhatt
E. Kundanika Kapadia

9. What is the name of the poetry collection for which Sitanshu Yashaschandras has been chosen for the Saraswati Samman for 2017?
D. Vajar


  1. A. India
  2. D. Beat Plastic Pollution
  3. A. Bengal and Odisha
  4. C.Pawan Chamling
  5. E. 1994
  6. D. 2030
  7. A. Convention and Combat
  8. C.Sitanshu Yashaschandras
  9. E.Vakhar

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