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Two Unknown Languages Walmiki and Malhar Discovered

Prof Panchanan Mohanty of the University of Hyderabad has discovered two unknown languages called Walmiki and Malhar. Mohanty who is a professor of linguistics discovered the languages hidden from linguists.

Two Unknown Languages Walmiki and Malhar Discovered

About Walmiki and Malhar

  • Walmiki and is spoken in the district of Koraput of Odisha and on the bordering districts of Andhra Pradesh. The analysis showed that the language is an “isolate”, and does not belong to a particular family of languages, The speech community claims descent from the great Indian saint-poet Valmiki”
  • Malhar is spoken in a remote and isolated hamlet about 165 km away from Bhubaneswar. Malhar belonged to the “North Dravidian subgroup of the Dravidian family of languages” and that it has close affinities with the other North Dravidian languages like Malto and Kurux spoken in West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar. Though less than 100 speak the language Malhar, they are very fluent as they live completely detached from the Odia speaking neighbours. They survive on daily labour and collections from the nearby forest, sayd Mohanty. 

Who discovered Walmiki and Malhar?

The discovery has been made and announced by Panchanan Mohanty of the Centre for Endangered Languages and Mother Tongue Studies at the UoH. He has collected data, did a preliminary analysis and published a paper in the proceedings of the XX Annual Conference of the Foundation for Endangered Languages, UK.

Expected Questions

Name the professor who discovered the languages Walmiki and Malhar?
a. Pardeep Desai
b. Pratap Raj
c. Pushkar Nand
d. Prem Nath Goyal
e. Panchanan Mohanty.

Which of the following two languages has been recently discovered by Prof. Pancham Mohanty?
a. Monpa and Lushai
b. Walmiki and Malhar
c. Bhiri and Halbi
d. Thar and Lamani
e. Bodo and Chiru
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  1. The Truth about the discovery of Walmiki and Malhar.
    It is a false claim since Malhar was reported in the Census of 1901 and Walmiki was reported in the Census of 1961. We came across news reports published in newspapers that Dr. Panchanan Mohanty, who is a Professor in the UoH and the present President of Linguistic Society of India has discovered these language. We wonder how it is claimed by an academician without doing literature review about these two languages. It is also interesting to note how our media operates without proper background check and verification of the facts.
    Language is not a planet which has to "discover"!?
    This must be lamented..&..Not pervasive to Linguistics Scholarship. I oppose to this false claim by UoH Professor.
    Both #Walmiki / #Kupia_Valmiki and #Malhar / #Koli_Malhar already enumerated as tribes and languages (in 1901 Census) available in Odisha Landscape, not either hidden to Linguists.
    To disclaim, there are many solid documents to substantiate. Instantly, one can be cited from Sir George Abraham Grierson (Vol.IV, 1906: 410).


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