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China’s 1st Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Type 001A begins Sea Trial

Published on May 14, 2018
China launched its first indigenously developed aircraft carrier ‘Type 001A’.It started its sea trials from Dalian port in Liaoning province.
China’s 1st indigenous aircraft carrier Type 001A begins sea trial

  • The sea trial comes as China continues its military influence in the South China Sea.
  • The trail was conducted to test the reliability and stability of the carrier's power system and other equipment.
  • It was launched in April 2017 and construction has been carried out since then.
  • Type 001A was constructed by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation in Dalian. 
  • It is expected to be commissioned by 2020.
  • The aircraft carrier's design is based on the Soviet Union's Kuznetsov class.
  • It measures about 315 metres with a displacement of about 55,000 tonnes.
  • It is the country's second aircraft carrier after the completion of Liaoning.
  • Liaoning was constructed from an incomplete Kuznetsov-class vessel and the 001A is a refined version of Liaoning.

Expected Questions

Question 1. Name the 1st indigenously developed aircraft carrier launched by China
Type 001A

Question 2. Who is the President of China?
Xi Jinping

Question 3. The India-China border bilateral trade for 2018 has recently resumed through which Pass?
Nathu La Pass

Question 4. Hand-in-Hand is a joint military training exercise conducted between which two countries?
India and China
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