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KISS Humanitarian Award 2018

The KISS Humanitarian Award 2018 was presented to Prof. Muhammad Yunus.This was the 11th edition of the Award.
KISS Humanitarian Award 2018
  • Prof. Muhammad Yunus is a Nobel Peace award winner (2006) and the founder of Grameen Bank.
  • Prof Yunus is the second Nobel laureate to be honoured with the KISS Humanitarian award.
  • The award citation recognizes his unwavering commitment to eradicate global poverty and foster economic and social development.
  • His recent work focuses on achieving zero illiteracy, poverty and hunger, were very much similar to the goals of Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS).
  • Prof. Muhammad Yunus is a Bangladeshi economist, widely known as the Father of Microfinance.
  • He was co-awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 along with Grameen Bank – the microcredit organisation he created to provide loans to the poor in Bangladesh.
  • KISS Humanitarian Award is an international award given to someone who has made an exceptional contribution to the society in various fields relating to social issues.

Expected Questions

Question 1. Who is the recipient of the Kiss Humanitarian Award 2018?
Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Question 2. Kiss Humanitarian Award 2018 is what edition of this prestigious award?

Question 3. Who is the first Nobel laureate to be honoured with the KISS Humanitarian award?
Dalai Lama

Question 4. Who is the founder of Grameen Bank?
Prof. Muhammad Yunus
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