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WHO published its 1st Essential Diagnostics List

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published its first Essential Diagnostics List.

WHO published its 1st Essential Diagnostics List

  • The List aims to address the prevalence of late or incorrect diagnoses and improve treatment outcomes globally.
  • Many people fail to get tested for diseases as they cannot access diagnostics services.
  • WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom mentioned that no one should suffer or die because of lack of diagnostic services, or because the right tests were not available.
  • With this list, WHO aims to provide a tool which would be useful to all countries.
  • It would help in a better diagnosis and treatment and thus result in the more effective use of the health funds.
  • According to WHO, an estimated 46 per cent of adults with Type 2 diabetes worldwide were undiagnosed, risking serious health complications and higher health costs.
  • This Diagnostics List focusses on in vitro tests i.e. blood and urine tests.
  • 58 tests are listed for detection and diagnosis of a wide range of common conditions.
  • The remaining 55 tests are designed for the detection, diagnosis and monitoring of 'priority' diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis B and C etc.
  • For each test, the Essential Diagnostics List specifies the type of test and its intended use and health facilities with the laboratories.
  • The list would be updated by the WHO on a regular basis and it may add certain new categories in the new edition.

Expected Questions

Which List has been published by the WHO for incorrect/late diagnosis?
Essential Diagnostics List

Who is the Director General of WHO?
Tedros Adhanom

Where are the headquarters of WHO located?

WHO is a recognized member of?
UN Security Council

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