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World No Tobacco Day- 31 May 2018

Published on May 31, 2018
World Tobacco Day is annually observed on May 31 with an aim to draw people's attention towards the hazardous effects that come with the consumption of Tobacco.

World No Tobacco Day- 31 May 2018


World No Tobacco Day was started by World Health Organization (WHO) in 1987 to spread awareness about the dangers of tobacco consumption. WHO has joined hands with World Heart Federation to highlight the connection between tobacco and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) that are the world’s leading causes of death, responsible for approximately 17.9 million deaths annually.

"Tobacco and heart disease"

Considering the threat to cardiovascular system from Tobacco, this year's theme revolves around "Tobacco and Heart Disease"  The campaign will increase awareness on the:

  • link between tobacco and heart and other cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including stroke, which combined are the world’s leading causes of death;
  • feasible actions and measures that key audiences, including governments and the public, can take to reduce the risks to heart health posed by tobacco.

Expected Questions

When is World No Tobacco Day observed?
a. 6 June
b. 18 January
c. 22 February
d. 24 March
e. 31 May

What is the theme of World No Tobacco Day 2018?
a. Tobacco- Threat to Heart
b. Tobacco and heart disease
c. Tobacco and Heart Risk
d. Heart at Risk
e. Tobacco- A Risk to Heart
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