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Andhra Pradesh Gets Separate State Symbols

Published on June 01, 2018
After 4 years of bifurcation from its neighbouring state Telangana, Andhra Pradesh has received its official state symbols.

Andhra Pradesh Gets Separate State Symbols

What are the state symbols?

  • Neem: State Tree
  • Black Buck: State Animal
  • Jasmine: State Flower
  • Rose-ringed Parrot: State Bird

Differences of Telangana and Andhra's State Symbols

  • The State Bird: Palapitta (Indian Roller or Blue Jay) was the state bird of undivided Andhra Pradesh but now Andhra has opted Rose-ringed Parrot while Telangana retained Palapitta as the state bird. Palapitta is now the state bird of Telangana, Odisha and Karnataka.
  • The State Animal - AP has retained blackbuck (antilope cervicapra) or Krishna Jinka as the state animal. Telangana had dropped Krishna Jinka and adopted Jinka or spotted deer as its state animal.
  • The State Tree - Neem (azadirachta indica) or Vepa Chettu, which was the state tree of undivided AP, has been retained in the divided state. The Telangana government had dropped vepa and adopted Jammi Chettu (prosopis cineraria), which has cultural significance in the region, as the state tree after the bifurcation.
  • The State Flower - Though undivided AP had water lilly or Kaluva (nym-phaeaceae) as the state flower, both divided AP and Telangana have dropped it. The Andhra Pradesh government has opted for jasmine as the state flower while Telangana government has adopted native Tangidi Puvvu (senna auriculata) as the state flower as it is widely used in the state’s famous Bathukamma festival.

Expected Questions

Name the national tree of Andhra Pradesh?
a. Banyan
b. Deodar
c. Neem 
d. White teak
e. Rosewood

Name the state flower of Andhra Pradesh?
a. Jasmine
b. Rose
c. Lotus
d. Lily
e. Hibiscus

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