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UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA): India pledges $5 million for Palestine Refugees

Published on June 28, 2018
India's pledge to uplift the ones in need !
India has pledged $5 million for United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian Refugees.
  • The agency serves about 5.3 million refugees scattered around the Middle East.
  • Besides India, 19 countries also made pledges (contributions) for UNRWA at the Pledging Conference for UNRWA held in New York, US.

Financial Situation of the UNRWA:

  • The agency faces a shortfall of $250 million, according to the UN.
  • US President Donald Trump announced in January 2018 that the US would cut its contributions to UNRWA.
  • The agency said that the actual shortfall for its budget would be $300 million as it had been expecting $365 million from Washington but has received only $65 million.
  • In March 2018, India announced at a conference in Rome, Italy that its raising its annual contributions from $1.25 million per year to $5 million for the next three years.

Untied Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA)

  • UNRWA is relief and human development agency of UN which supports more than 5 million registered Palestinian refugees, and their descendants.
  • It is only UN agency dedicated to helping refugees from specific region or conflict and is separate from UNHCR.


  • It came into existence in December 1949 following 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict by UN General Assembly Resolution 302 (IV).

Role of the UNRWA:

  • UNRWA has contributed to the welfare and human development of four generations of Palestine refugees , who had fled or were expelled from their homes during 1948 Palestine war as well during and following 1967 Six Day war.
  • Originally, it was intended to provide jobs on public works projects and direct relief, but now it provides services like education, health care, and social services to population it supports.
  • It also allows refugee status to be inherited by descendants.

Where does the UNRWA operates?

It provides aid in five areas of operation:
  • Jordan 
  • Lebanon 
  • Syria 
  • The Gaza Strip 
  • West Bank (including East Jerusalem)
Aid for Palestinian refugees outside these five areas is provided by the UNHCR.

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