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Indian Housing Project in Plantation Areas

Published on August 14, 2018
India has handed over 404 houses built for Indian-origin people in Sri Lanka’s tea plantation areas at the Dunsinane Estate in Nuwara Eliya city.
Indian Housing Project in Plantation Areas
  • This is the first lot of houses built under Indian Housing Project in Plantation Areas in Sri Lanka.

About the Indian Housing Project in Plantation Areas:

  • Under this project, close to 47,000 houses so far have been completed out of total 60,000.
  • With grant of over US $350 million, it is India’s largest assistance project in any country.
  • Houses built under it are provided to Indian-origin people, mostly Tamils in Sri Lanka's tea plantation areas.
  • India is also considering to sign agreement for construction of additional 10,000 houses at a cost of 12 billion Sri Lankan Rupees under this project.

About Indian-origin Tamils in Sri Lanka:

  • Indian-origin Tamils, mostly employed in tea and rubber plantations in Sri Lanka, lack proper housing.
  • They are mostly residing in central hill areas of the island country.
  • They were brought from India by British rulers during 19th century to work in coffee plantations in Sri Lanka.
  • More than a million are still associated with tea and rubber plantations.
  • Though they have been given the Sri Lankan citizenship, housing is one of the major issue for these workers employed as daily wagers.
  • Earlier, Sri Lankan Government led by President Maithripala Sirisena had formulated a national plan of action for the plantation workers and planned for construction of 55,000 houses till 2020.


Q. India has handed over 404 houses built for the Indian-origin people in which country's tea plantation areas?
a. Indonesia
b. Sri Lanka
c. Bhutan
d. Bangladesh
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