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Tamil Nadu Govt. Bans Manufacture and Sale of e-Cigarettes

Published on September 14, 2018
A Southern crack down on e-cigarettes! Tamil Nadu Government has issued an order banning manufacture, sale and possession of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) or 
Tamil Nadu Govt. Bans Manufacture and Sale of e-Cigarettes

e-Cigarettes with immediate effect in the state.
  • The ban covers distribution, trade, display, marketing, advertisement, use, import and possession of e-cigarettes as well.
  • So far, Punjab, Karnataka, Kerala, Mizoram, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have already prohibited manufacture, import, sale and distribution of ENDs or e-cigarettes.
  • The Tamil Nadu government has already banned chewable tobacco products.


  • ENDS are devices that heat solution to create aerosol, which also frequently contains flavours, usually dissolved into propylene glycolor and glycerin.
  • Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are most common prototype of ENDS.
  • These devices do not burn or use toacco leaves but instead vaporise solution, which user then inhales (This process is called as vaping).
  • The main constituents of vaporise solution are nicotine, propylene glycol (with or without glycerol and flavouring agents).

Health risk associated with ENDS:

  • Children, adolescents, pregnant women and women of reproductive age are at greater health risk due to use of ENDS including e-cigarettes.
  • ENDS solutions and emissions contain harmful chemicals and toxicants.
  • They contain nicotine, addictive component of tobacco products.
  • In addition they also contain harmful metals, including lead, chromium and nickel and chemicals like formaldehyde with concentrations equal to or greater than traditional cigarettes.
  • Use of ENDS may affect development of foetus during pregnancy.
  • It may contribute to cardiovascular disease to people who use ENDS.
  • Moreover, nicotine may function as 'tumour promoter' and seems to be involved in biology of malignant diseases.
  • Foetal and adolescent nicotine exposure have long-term consequences for brain development, potentially leading to learning and anxiety disorders.


Tamil Nadu Government has issued an order banning manufacture, sale and possession of what with immediate effect in the state?
a. Liquor
b. Burning of Tyres
c. Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)
d. None of the above
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