Government Promulgates Ordinance to amend Companies Act, 2013

Published on November 05, 2018
Union Cabinet has approved proposal for promulgation of ordinance to amend the Companies Act, 2013.
Government Promulgates Ordinance to amend Companies Act, 2013
  • The ordinance had received assent from President Ram Nath Kovind under Article 123 and has been promulgated.
  • The amendments to the Act are aimed to promote ease of doing business as well as ensure better compliance levels.


  • The ordinance to change Companies Act seeks to declog National Company Law Tribunals (NCLTs) and decriminalise minor offences by companies.
  • The ordinance will transfer 90% of the cases to regional directors under Ministry of Corporate Affairs from NCLTs.
  • Moreover, it will retain status of all non-compoundable offences since they are serious in nature.

One must know:

  • Union Government-appointed Committee (headed by Corporate Affairs Secretary Injeti Srinivas) had suggested various changes to Act, including restructuring of corporate offences under companies law and in-house adjudication mechanism to ensure that courts get more time to deal with serious violations.
  • Apart from restructuring of corporate offences to relieve special courts from adjudicating routine offences, the committee had mooted re-categorisation of 16 out of 81 compoundable offences under the Act.
  • This move was recommended to bring down NCLT's load as it looks at insolvency and bankruptcy cases as well.
  • It also recommended disqualification of directors in case they have directorships beyond permissible limits and capping an independent director's remuneration. 
  • It also suggested that remuneration that any independent director gets from the company should be capped at 20% of his gross income in a year to prevent any material pecuniary relationship, which could impair their independence on the board.


Q. Union Cabinet has approved a proposal for promulgation of ordinance to amend which Act?
a. Arms Act, 2013
b. Companies Act, 2013
c. Bankruptcy Act, 2013
d. None of the above

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