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Uttar Pradesh's Startup 'HelpUsGreen' honoured by UN

Published on December 15, 2018
Uttar Pradesh based startup HelpUsGreen has been honored by UN for its works to clean River Ganga by recycling tonnes of floral waste.
Uttar Pradesh's Startup 'HelpUsGreen' honoured by UN
  • UN presented the award to 14 other countries along with India at the United Nations Climate Action award ceremony during the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice.

How does the start up works?

  • The startup collects the floral waste daily from the temples.
  • These flowers are then recycled to produce charcoal free incense, organic vermicompost and biodegradable packaging material through 'Flowercycling' technology.
  • According to UN the startup flower cycled 11060 metric tonnes of temple waste by the women working with the startup.
  • According to data, more than 800 million metric tonnes of flowers are used in temple and these flowers are thrown into the Ganga river.
  • The river filled with lots of waste, toxins and pesticides dumped into it, eventually lead to pollution and water borne diseases.

About HelpUsGreen:

  • HelpUsGreen started as world's first profitable solution to the waste problem created by flowers in monumental temple.
  • Total of 8.4 tons of floral waste is collected by the startup everyday from the temples in Uttar Pradesh.
  • The startup helped 1260 women who have been supporting the startup and 19 children whose mother works as manual scavengers started going to school.


Q. Which Uttar Pradesh based startup has been honored by UN for its works to clean River Ganga by recycling tonnes of floral waste?
a. HelpUsClean
b. HelpUsOrganic
c. HelpUsGreen
d. None of the above
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