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70-Point Grading Index to Assess Quality of School Education

Published on January 08, 2019
The Ministry of Human Resource Development has launched 70-Point Grading Index to assess the quality of school education in the states.
70-Point Grading Index to Assess Quality of School Education

Salient features of the 70-Point Grading Index:

  • The 70-Point Grading Index will assess areas of deficiency in each state's school education system so that targeted interventions can be made at every level.
  • Under the grading index, 70 indicators will be used to grade state schooling systems on areas like number of existing teacher vacancies, number of direct entry recruitments especially at leadership positions, school infrastructure and so on.
  • The index will assess states on a 1,000 point grading system with 10-20 points per parameter.
  • The government will be setting up a separate fund over and above existing funding mechanisms to help states take up improvement exercises.
  • The index will reinforce competitive federalism by giving the correct picture of where every state stands and inducing a fair competition to improve each other's performances.

Interesting to know:

  • The Ministry is also in the process of setting up a Central Institute of Assessment to strengthen continuous and comprehensive education and handhold states in ensuring customised teacher training and work on pedagogical improvements.


Q. What has the Ministry of Human Resource Development launched to assess the quality of school education in the states?
a. 60-Point Grading Index
b. 70-Point Grading Index
c. 80-Point Grading Index
d. 90-Point Grading Index
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