Air India One to get two missile defence systems from the US

Published on February 10, 2019
The US President has approved the sale of two missile defence systems for Air India One.
Air India One to get two missile defence systems from the US
  • The two missile defence systems- Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCAM) and Self-Protection Suites (SPS) will enhance the security of planes flying the Prime Minister and the President of India.

Features of the two new defense systems:

  • LAIRCAM protects large aircrafts from man-portable missiles.
  • LAIRCAM system increases crew-warning time, decreases false alarm rates and automatically counters advanced intermediate range missile systems.
  • The missile warning subsystem will use multiple sensors to provide full spatial coverage and the counter-measures subsystem will use lasers mounted in pointer-tracker turret assemblies.
  • The countermeasure systems will also automatically counter advance intermediate range missile systems with no action required by the crew.
  • SPS will also facilitate a more robust capability into areas of increased missile threats.

Installation of these systems:

  • These defence systems would be installed on two Boeing 777 Head-of-State aircrafts which carries the President and the Prime Minister.


Q. Who has approved the sale of two missile defence sytems for Air India One?
a. US President
b. German Chancellor
c. French President
d. Japanese Prime Minister

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