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Amaravati to have India's First District Cooling System

Published on February 16, 2019
India's First District cooling system will come up in Amravati, capital of Andhra Pradesh.
Amaravati to have India's First District Cooling System
  • The government of Andhra Pradesh has entered into a 30-year concession with a UAE-based international cooling provider.

What are District Cooling Systems?

  • District Cooling Systems produce chilled water, steam or hot water at a central plant and then pipe that energy out (either underground or over rooftops) to buildings for air conditioning, space heating and water heating.
  • As a result, these buildings don't require their own chillers, air conditioners, boilers or furnaces.
  • They are considered to be highly efficient to address each of the challenges like high capital and operating costs, reliability, flexibility and environmental sustainability while meeting their comfort and process cooling and heating needs.
  • District Cooling uses only 50 per cent of primary energy consumption for cooling urban building n compared to other cooling systems.
  • This also reduces carbon emissions.

About the District Cooling System at Amaravati:

  • District Cooling System at Amaravati is part of Andhra Pradesh Government's vision to create jobs and homes along with a world-class infrastructure at Amaravati.
  • The District Cooling System will meet the cooling requirements for the State's Assembly, High Court, Secretariat and other government buildings that are currently under construction, for which cooling services will commence from early 2021.


Q. Where will India's First District cooling system come up?
a. Ahmedabad
b. Amravati
c. Agra
d. Delhi

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