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Interim Budget 2019

Published on February 04, 2019
The interim Budget 2019 for the second time has set urged for the Classification of Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Communities.
Interim Budget 2019

Announcements in the Interim Budget 2019:

  • Formation of a committee under the Niti Aayog, which would identify and classify these tribes.
  • Constitution of a Welfare Board under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for the purpose of implementing welfare and development programmes for denotified, nomadic and semi-nomadic communities.

About the earlier attempt for classification:

  • National Commission for Denotified, Nomadic And Semi-Nomadic Tribes headed by Dada Idate had prepared state-wise lists.
  • But this list drew a lot of criticisms including from the researchers who were working with the commission.
  • It was criticised that the Idate commission lacked the scientific data necessary to bring out a comprehensive classification of denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Communities.

About the vulnerability of these Communities:

  • Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Communities are considered to be the most deprived sections of Indian society.
  • These communities are hard to reach and less visible.
  • The nomadic and semi-nomadic communities move from place to place in search of livelihood.
  • As a result, they are frequently left out. 
  • Hence to address the issues related to these communities, there is a need for special attention.
  • The Renke Commission and the Idate Commission have done commendable work in studying the various problems faced by these communities and recommending measures to address the issues more comprehensively.


Q. The Union Government announced in the Interim Budget 2019 that it would form a committee under which organization that would deal with the task of Classification of Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Communities?
a. Niti Aayog
b. Planning Commision
c. Ministry of Tribal Affairs
d. Ministry of Nomadic Communities
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