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Indian Air Force Officially Inducts Four Chinook heavy-lift Helicopters

Published on March 28, 2019
The Indian Air Force (IAF) has formally inducted four Chinook heavy-lift helicopters made in the US.
Indian Air Force Officially Inducts Four Chinook heavy-lift Helicopters
  • The Chinook helicopters ordered from Boeing in September 2015, were commissioned into the IAF's 126 Helicopter Unit.

About Chinook Helicopters:

  • Chinook is a multi-role, vertical-lift platform, twin-engine, tandem rotor helicopter which is used for transporting troops, artillery, equipment and fuel.
  • Chinook would be deployed for humanitarian and disaster relief operations and in missions such as transportation of relief supplies and mass evacuation of refugees.
  • The advanced multi-mission helicopter Chinook will provide the Indian armed forces with unmatched strategic airlift capability across the full spectrum of combat and humanitarian missions.
  • Chinook helicopters can carry out military operations during the night too.
  • Chinook helicopter gives India a tremendous capability, primarily in the inter-valley troop transfer since it eases the inter-valley troop transfer to take acclimatized troops from one valley to another valley.
  • Chinook helicopters will give the IAF a quantum leap in terms of ability to transport cargo to precarious high altitude locations.


Q. The Indian Air Force (IAF) has formally inducted which four heavy-lift helicopters that are made in the US?
a. Chinook

b. Apache
c. Bolt
d. Storm
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