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Marayur Jaggery Gets GI Tag Status

Published on March 12, 2019
After the persistent efforts of the Intellectual Property Rights cell of the Kerala Agriculture University, the Marayur Jaggery which is largely produced in the regions of Marayur and
Marayur Jaggery Gets GI Tag Status
Kanthallur grama panchayats of Kerala has got the GI tag.

About Marayur Region:

  • Marayur in the Idukki district of Kerala is known for its tensive sugarcane cultivation.
  • In the regions of Marayur and Kanthallur, more than 2500 acres of land is under sugarcane cultivation.
  • The peculiar geographical location of Marayur amid the forests of the Western Ghats gives the sugar cane a distinct geographical identity.

About Marayur Jaggery:

  • The local people have integrated the age-old tradition have imparted age-old specialized skill to make Marayur Jaggery a distinct product in itself.
  • The distinct features of the Marayur Jaggery are high sweetness with less saltiness, high content of iron and less sodium.
  • The produce is free of impurities and the sugar cane fields are free of chemical pesticides and fertilisers.
  • The Marayur Jaggery is produced without adding any chemicals has always been known for its high quality.
  • Eyeing the market of the traditional Marayur Jaggery fake jaggery with a salty taste was being marketed as Marayur jaggery.
  • The GI tag will now enable to initiate legal action against fake jaggery being sold as Marayur Jaggery.

What is Geographical Indication?

  • Geographical Indication (GI) is a name or sign used on products which correspond to a specific geographical location or origin.
  • Geographical Indication act as a certification that the product possesses certain qualities, is made according to traditional methods or enjoys a certain reputation, due to its geographical origin.


Q. Which product produced in the Marayur region of Kerela has got the GI Tag?
a. Marayur Rice
b. Marayur Jaggery
c. Marayur Wheat
d. Marayur Fish
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