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Navroz celebrated by Parsis on March 21st

Navroz is the Iranian New Year celebrated by several ethnolinguistic communities around the world irrespective of their religious background.
Navroz celebrated by Parsis on March 21st

  • In India Parsis who follow Zoroastrianism celebrate Navroz.
  • Navroz is celebrated on March 21st.


  • The Navroz celebrations can be traced back to 6th Century BC, back when the Iranian community was homogeneously Zoroastrians.
  • As the community got divided over the years people of Iranian origin worldwide continued following Zoroastrian traditions together with Iranian New Year as well.
  • March 21 which is the first day of the Iranian calendar is also marked as the day when King Jamshid was crowned as the King of Persia.
  • King Jamshid holds a great significance in Zoroastrianism and the day of his coronation is generally considered to be the beginning of the New Year among Iranian people.
  • Navroz is also the day of the Spring equinox and rituals are performed based on the movements of the Sun during the course of the day.


Q. When is Navroz celebrated?
a. March 20th
b. March 21st
c. March 22nd
d. March 23rd
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