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New Vine Snake species Discovered in Odisha

Published on May 18, 2019
A new Vine Snake species is discovered from the eastern state of Odisha after a gap of 113 years.
 New Vine Snake species Discovered in Odisha


  • Zoologists from different institutes have participated in the discovery and the research was published in the Journal of Natural History.
  • Vine snakes, called so because they closely resemble vines, are rear-fanged, venomous snakes that belong to the family Colubridae.
  • The new species, Ahaetulla Laudankia, is an arboreal, chestnut brown snake with black speckles.
  • It resembles the dried stem of a bottle gourd plant, which gives it the name 'laudankia', in Odia it translates to the same (lau-bottle gourd; danka-dry stem).
  • This snake is subtle white under its head and has a bright orange-brick red belly with whitish lines running down the length of its abdomen.
  • While the keyhole-shaped iris is black coloured, the outer sclera is usually bicoloured and matches the colour of the snake's head.
  • The new species of vine snake is endemic to India, living in the hilly forests and plains at an altitude of 80-400 meters.
  • The three specimens that the researchers collected in Odisha were from fringe forests near woodlands, full of deciduous trees.


Q. A new Vine Snake species is discovered from which state of India after a gap of 113 years?
a. Odisha
b. Bihar
c. Assam
d. West Bengal

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