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Purple Frog to be state Amphibian of Kerala

Published on May 08, 2019
Purple frog could be soon designated as Kerala's state amphibian.
Purple Frog to be state Amphibian of Kerala


  • The proposal for this is being mooted by Kerela's leading Herpetologists (a specialist in study of reptiles and amphibians).
  • The odd-looking species is endemic to the Western Ghats.
  • The title would help in protecting the specie's fragile habitat.

About Purple Frog:

  • Scientific Name: Nasikabatrachus Sahyadrensis (N. Sahyadrensis).
  • It is also known as Maveli Frog or Pignose Frog.


  • Its body appears sturdy and swollen.
  • It is relatively round in shape as compared to other flattened frogs.
  • Compared to other frogs it has a small head and an unusual pointed snout (muzzle).
  • In most cases adults are dark purplish-grey in color.


  • For almost its entire life it lives in underground tunnels and comes out to surface for only a single day in a year to breed.


  • They were thought to be limited to south of the Palghat Gap (a pass which is located between Nilgiri Hills to north and Anaimalai Hills to south) in Western Ghats, but are now known to be quite widely distributed in Western Ghats.
  • As per Herpetologists Purple Frog should rightly be called 'living fossil' as it is believed that they have co-existed with dinosaurs almost 70 million years ago.

IUCN Red List:

  • Their conservation status is endangered as per International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


Q. Purple frog could be soon designated as the state amphibian of which state?
a. Kerala
b. Karnataka
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Andhra Pradesh
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