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Cloud Seeding in Karnataka

Current context: Karnataka Government has launched cloud seeding operation on 25th July 2019.
Cloud Seeding in Karnataka 
  • The trial operation has begun in Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts and it will continue for about 90 days.
  • The government has decided to launch the operation seeking the unsatisfactory progress of monsoon in Karnataka.
  • Earlier in 2017, Karnataka had carried out cloud seeding operation that resulted in a 27% enhancement in rains in the region.
  • Cloud seeding is a technique of weather modification or artificial rainfall in which chemicals like silver-iodide are sprayed over the sky to increase the precipitation in the region.
  • It is done across the world including countries like China, USA, and Russia etc. mainly in the drought-affected regions.


Q.1 Recently the term “Cloud seeding” was in news in the context of___?
a. Cybersecurity
b. Non Communicable disease
c. Artificial rainfall
d. Export demand from China
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