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NASA announces new mission to Explore Saturn's Largest Moon

Published on July 01, 2019
NASA to launch a new mission to explore Titan, Saturn's largest moon, using a drone lander called "Dragonfly".
NASA announces new mission to Explore Saturn's Largest Moon


  • The crewless craft with four propellers is slated to launch in 2026 and reach its destination in 2034.
  • The nuclear-powered Dragonfly is expected to spend two years flying vast distances across Titan's surface and touching down at different sites of interest.
  • It will visit the icy moon's dunes and the floor of a crater to search for signs of past or present microbial life.
  • Its instruments will also investigate the atmosphere and an underground ocean.
  • The similarity to our own planet means Saturn's moon could potentially hold clues for researchers about the origins of life.

About Titan:

  • Based on images collected by a previous mission, Titan has a rocky, rugged landscape, with lakes made of methane and ethane.
  • It also has an ocean below its crust.
  • It is the only place, besides Earth, known to have liquid rivers, lakes and seas.
  • Of the more than 150 known moons in the solar system, Titan is the second-largest, and the only one with a thick, hazy atmosphere.
  • Like Earth, its atmosphere is nitrogen-based. But unlike Earth, Titan has clouds and rain of methane.

One must know:

  • The European Space Agency's Cassini-Huygens probe became the first spacecraft to land on Titan in 2005.
  • That mission measured the temperature, pressure and density of the atmosphere and took pictures of the moon's surface.


Q. What is the name of the drone lander that will be launched by NASA in a new mission to explore Titan, Saturn's largest moon?
a. Dragonfly
b. Pathfinder
c. Space Ranger
d. Galaxy X
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