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'Tamil Yeoman' or 'Tamil Maravan' declared as state butterfly

Published on July 03, 2019
'Tamil Yeoman', a kind of butterfly found in the Western Ghats is declared as Tamil Nadu state butterfly.
'Tamil Yeoman' or 'Tamil Maravan' declared as state butterfly
  • It is also known as 'Tamil Maravan'.


  • Tamil Nadu is the fifth state in the country to announce its state butterfly.
  • Maharashtra the first to declare Blue Mormon (Papilio Polgmnestor) as its state butterfly.
  • It is followed by Uttarakhand (Common Peacock), Karnataka (Southern Bird Wings) and Kerala (Malabar Banded Peacock).

About Tamil Yeoman:

  • Its scientific name is Cirrochroa Thais.
  • It is also known as Tamil Maravan.
  • It is endemic to the Western Ghats.
  • It is found in moist deciduous, evergreen forests and along streams.
  • It can be found in groups in large numbers at a few places.


  • A dark brown outer ring. 
  • Size: 60-75mm. 
  • It is fast with few wing beats and a long glide.
  • It lays eggs in the vertical chain of 8-10.


Q. 'Tamil Yeoman' or 'Tamil Maravan' is the name given to which creature that the state of Tamil Nadu has declared as its own?
a. Butterfly
b. Frog
c. Fish
d. Cow

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