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Well-being Index by IFMR LEAD

Published on August 28, 2019
Current context: Well-Being Index Report is released by the non-government organisation World Vision India and research institute IFMR LEAD on 27th August 2019.
Well-being Index by IFMR LEAD 
  • This index is a tool designed to measure a child’s well-being comprehensively (beyond mere income poverty).
  • It focuses on 3 main dimensions and 24 indicators (divided into 3 main categories (i. Healthy individual development ii. Positive relationships iii. Protective contexts).
  • Kerala (scored 0.76) topped the chart due to its exceptional performance in health, nutrition and education facilities. While Tamil Nadu (0.67), Himachal (0.67) are runner ups and Puducherry (0.77) was the best among UTs.
  • On the other hand, Meghalaya (0.53), Jharkhand (0.50) and Madhya Pradesh (0.44) performed worst.
  • Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest rate of crime against children and low score for child survival and nutrition compared to other states.
  • In Jharkhand report suggests nutrition, access to water, sanitation and survival are the key areas that need to be focused.
  • Kerala performed so well because large no of children was completing their schooling, it also did good work in addressing malnutrition and ensuring child survival and access to a healthy environment.
  • This report will help govt to modify their policy too as per the requirement of children. This report covers children in the age bracket of 1years to 18 years.


Q.1 The Well-Being Index Report recently in the news is released by?
a. World Vision India
b. India’s Vision to the World
c. Smile Foundation
d. India and its Children
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