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World’s Safe Cities Index (SCI)

Current context: The Economist Intelligence Unit has released the Safe Cities Index (SCI).
World’s Safe Cities Index (SCI)
  • Mumbai has been ranked at 45th position and Delhi at 52nd position in the SCI.
  • Six out of the top ten safest cities are from the Asia-Pacific (Apac) region, with Tokyo at the top spot, Singapore at 2nd and Osaka at 3rd position.
  • The SCI ranks 60 countries across the world across 5 continents.
  • It takes into account the multi-faceted nature of the urban safety and analysis of the safety measure on categorized indicators of personal safety, digital, health and infrastructure.
  • Countries like Yangon, Karachi and Dhaka were at the bottom of the list.


Q.1 The Safe Cities Index is released by?
a. The Economist Intelligence Unit
b. The World Bank Unit
c. The World Economic Forum
d. International Monetary Forum
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