Relief to Indian Railways Passengers

Published on September 16, 2019
Current context: The Ministry of Railways has announced to rationalize the fare structure and composition of Humsafar class of trains.
 Relief to Indian Railways Passengers
  • The step has been taken to make the fairs more affordable and comfortable.
  • The existing variable fare system of the Humsafar class of trains has been done away with, which means these trains will now have only ‘fixed’ fare system.
  • The base fare of Humsafar trains will be 1.15 times of the base fare of Mail/Express Trains instead of “Superfast” Mail/Express Trains
  • The Tatkal charges in Humsafar have also been reduced from existing 1.5 times of Humsafar base fare to approximately 1.3 times of Humsafar base fare.
  • Tatkal fare in Humsafar trains has been brought equivalent to the Normal Tatkal Rule of other Mail/Express trains (Humsafar base fare + Normal Class wise Tatkal charges).
  • Sleeper class coaches will also be attached in addition to existing only 3AC class coaches as per the requirement
  • Tickets under current booking after the first charting shall be sold with 10% discount


Q: 1. The Ministry of Railways is recently done away with the existing fare system of which train?
a. Ajanta Express
b. Agniveena Express.
c. Humsafar Express
d. Amaravati Express.

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