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‘UMMID’ initiative Launched by the Government

Published on September 24, 2019
Current context: Ministry of Science & Technology has launched a scheme named UMMID (Unique Methods of Management and treatment of Inherited Disorders).
‘UMMID’ initiative Launched by the Government 
  • The scheme is launched to help people who cannot afford expensive care for genetic disorders.
  • Genetic disorders are the third most common cause of mortality in new-borns among the urban areas of India and due to high birth rate, large population and consanguineous marriage in many communities, these diseases are very common among them.
  • NIDAN (National Inherited Diseases Administration) Kendra has .also been inaugurated by the ministry to provide help related to genetic diseases at one place.
  • The aims of the UMMID initiative is to:
    • Establish NIDAN Kendras to provide, management, counselling, prenatal testing and multidisciplinary care in Government Hospitals.
    • To produce skilled clinicians in Human Genetics.
    • To undertake proper screening of for inherited genetic diseases in pregnant women and newborn babies in hospitals at aspirational districts.


Q.1 The newly “UMMID” initiative of the government is launched for which purpose?
a. To provide early medication in the first one hour of child birth
b. To reduce the new-born death due to malnutrition
c. To provide aid for genetic disorders in new-borns
d. To provide aid of Rs 7000 to each newborn girl child
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