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Water found on an Exoplanet

Current context: For the first time, water has been discovered in the atmosphere of the exoplanet named K2-18b.
Water found on an Exoplanet 
  • Researchers have found both water and temperatures on K2-18b, being the only exoplanet having such components.
  • The exoplanet is a planet orbiting a distant star outside our solar system.
  • K2-18b is eight times the mass of Earth and about 110 light-years from the Earth in the Leo constellation.
  • The team used the Hubble Space Telescope and developed open-source algorithms to analyse the starlight filtered through K2-18b's atmosphere.
  • K2-18b is a cool exoplanet and receives only 5 per cent more radiation than the Earth.
  • This planet is about the same temperature as Earth, but researchers are not confirmed that it is habitable or not.


Q.1 Which exoplanet has been discovered recently to have water in its atmosphere?
a. K1-17b
b. K2-17b
c. K1-18b
d. K2-18b
e. K3-18b
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