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GV-971 Drug to Cure Alzheimer's

Current context: China has approved GV-971 (home-grown drug) to be launched in the market from 29th December.
GV-971 Drug to Cure Alzheimer's
  • GV-971 drug is the only Alzheimer's medicine to survive clinical trials, out of more than 320 developed by pharmaceutical companies around the globe.
  • The drug is extracted from brown algae, and is the first carbohydrate-based and multi-targeting drug for Alzheimer's.
  • Alzheimer's disease is an irreversible brain disorder that destroys thinking ability of the brain to carry out simple tasks.
  • China has the highest people in the world suffering from Alzheimer’s, roughly 10 million people.
  • National Medical Products Administration of China has approved to sale it in the market and patients will be able to buy the drug around China from the 29th of December.


Q.1 Which country has recently allowed the sale and use of the first Alzheimer's medicine GV-971?
a. India
b. Scotland
c. Ireland
d. China
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